From now on (April 19, 2022) we offer two options for donations, which are named below.
An article is linked for both options, which provides more information about the respective donation option.

  1. USKA via Filmboard Karlsruhe (Oliver Langewitz) on the Escape! by Markus Nieden
  2. USKA via Lions Club Karlsruhe-Baden (Manfred Verhaagh) to the Karlsruher Tafel and the Beiertheimer Tafel


Donations for the ESCAPE! project: EUR 120.00
Number of donations: 3
The updates are done manually, so there may be a delay!

At the same time as the official launch of the website (April 7th, 2022), we want to focus on specific projects to support Ukraine.
The term will be approx. 1-3 months in each case. It starts with the support of cultural workers who have fled the Ukraine.
The project is being supervised by the artist Markus Nieden, who lives in Karlsruhe and Kyiv, with the help of Oliver Langewitz, Filmboard Karlsruhe.
To find out more about the “Escape” project, follow this link: Open call for artists from Ukraine!

Donations can be made to Filmboard Karlsruhe e. V. are provided.

Filmboard Karlsruhe e.V.
Stichwort “USKA Spende für Kulturschaffende aus der Ukraine mit Flüchtlingsstatus”
IBAN DE87 6605 0101 0108 0639 75
Sparkasse Karlsruhe

Or by PayPal to the email address of Filmboard Karlsruhe or via the link:
Please enter “USKA donation for cultural workers from Ukraine with refugee status” as the purpose of the donation.
Film Board Karlsruhe e. V. is recognized as a non-profit association and can issue donation receipts.
Donations up to an amount of EUR 200.00 can be claimed for tax purposes upon presentation of the account statement without such a donation receipt.

On the 2nd Karlsruher Tafel

Donations for the Karlsruher Tafeln project: EUR 4.095.00
Number of donations: 9
The updates are done manually, so there may be a delay!

The Lions Karlsruhe-Baden will double every EUR received up to a total of EUR 5,000 by May 15th May 31st (extended!), 2022!
To find out more about the background to the donation for the Karlsruher Tafel,
please follow this link: Help for Karlsruher Tafeln (a call for donations by Manfred Verhaagh).

UPDATE (5/30/22) : The time limit has now been completely lifted:
We will now try to reach a donation of 5,000 EUR.
With the Lions Club Karlsruhe-Baden doubling the amount, we would have donated a total of EUR 10,000.
Through the donation of 167 EUR from class 6c of the Friedrichschule Karlsruhe Durlach
we have a current donation level of 3,095 EUR and are thus getting closer to the goal of 5,000 EUR.
Please keep donating. Thank you very much!

Please transfer your donation to the following account:

Lions Hilfe Karlsruhe-Baden e.V.
Stichwort „USKA Lions Tafelspende“
IBAN: DE32 6608 0052 0589 8341 00

The possibility of making a transfer via Paypal for the donation to the Karlsruher Tafel is currently being examined.