Ukraine in the Gatekeeper's House Durlach

Original from the outside, eventful from the inside: The (former) gatekeeper's house in Durlach

The Torwärterhaus (alias Torwächterhaus) in Karlsruhe – Durlach, which was previously condemned to demolition, is characterized by a new purpose. On Wednesday, 30.3.22, a meeting of newcomers from Ukraine took place here for the first time. The scene was everything from thoughtful to cheerful to cheerful. Above all, the kids seemed highly adaptive and receptive to a new, at least temporary home, after they were expelled from the beautiful homeland by the war of aggression of the Russian state and military apparatus. The counter-response of the German, liberal-democratic society is solidarity and empathy, depending on the possibility of the individual people. The Durlacher Selbst e.V. and the Durlach City Office are involved in the local project, which from now on will be repeated every Wednesday from 3:00 p.m. in Ochsenstraße 32. Finally, a few impressions that make every empathetic heart beat faster.

Durlacher Torwärterhaus becomes meeting place for refugee families from Ukraine

Editor(text and photos): Michael M. RothDate
: 1.4.22

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