Ukrainian Pop-Up-Store by SashkaProjekt in the Espressobar Südliche Waldstraße

From May 14th to 15th, SashkaProject organized a pop-up store in Karlsruhe in the espresso bar, which was made available to us. SashkaProject deals with the trade in Ukrainian designer clothing and thus contributes to German consumers getting to know Ukrainian fashion. 10% of the proceeds were donated to Ukraine.

Many interesting people from Ukraine who have been living in Germany for a long time have volunteered to help with this project.

The first day, Saturday, started at 10 a.m. At first we delivered a lot of clothing in small containers. This had to be hung up, steamed and prepared for fitting. We were helped by the Ukrainian stylist Yaryna Kovalevych, who has been working with well-known brands for a long time. And after just under two hours, all the goods were harmoniously combined on the stands.

Later, the models and makeup artist Oksana Zhuk arrived. She is a talented and energetic Ukrainian from Kherson, who volunteered to do the models’ make-up and present clothes available for purchase at the pop-up store.

The first of the models was Iris, who has been collaborating with SashkaProject for a long time. You can see it on our Instagram account (be sure to subscribe). The second was a Ukrainian student from Kharkiv, Bohdana. This is her first time working with our team, having only recently moved to Germany due to the war.

The models looked adorable with make-up by Oksana. Stylist Yarina then created looks for them, in which they invited guests to the pop-up store. The whole thing was photographed by Ukrainian photographer Julia, who also agreed to help organize the pop-up store.

Immediately after opening, people started coming in with interest and looking at clothes from Ukrainian manufacturers. Some guests came to look, but the next day when we reopened, they came back and bought the clothes they liked.

In addition, there was a donation box to donate money to Ukraine. Donors from 15 euros received a gift in the form of a T-shirt with the inscription “russian warship go fuck yourself”. This spell is based on the event on Snake Island on the second day of the war.

The next day, make-up artist Oksana decided to do makeup on the models in blue and yellow. That really appealed to people. As the day before, the models presented clothes and attracted many new visitors. Meanwhile, a journal and book by the Ukrainian author Ksenia Fuchs were presented. She is chairwoman of the “Yellow Blue” magazine and director of the Yellow Blue Association, to which the donations came. After that, the designer and owner of “The Oppido” brand Olena Lazorenko-Pysana presented her sustainable fashion collection, which is made from high-quality recycled textiles.

At the end of the event, all the helpers were a bit exhausted, but happy because we were able to help the people in Ukraine and bring Ukrainian fashion closer to those in Germany. Thank you to everyone who visited our pop-up store, because all buyers supported both Ukraine and Ukrainian designers, as well as everyone who agreed to help. There will be more pop-up stores in the future, to which you are cordially invited.

Text: Aleksandra Döhlemann (Sashka project)
Photos: Michael M. Roth

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(Conversation by SashkaProject, almost 38 minutes, please turn on the sound on Instagram!)

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