A GRAIN OF SAND for peace

The grain of sand – theater and more in the city of Karlsruhe offers numerous events for children, young people and adults on important topics of our time. So the theater insisted on organizing a benefit evening on the occasion of the absurd and heinous war of aggression by the Russian military commanded by Vladimir Putin, the Russian President. Numerous people who have been performing on stage for years, also and especially on this important evening, expressed their clever, serious but also wittily well-formulated statements in the form of lyrics and song. What song could have been a better fit than John Lennon’s “Imagine”? Despite the perverse war of aggression for which the Russian state apparatus is responsible, there is still hope for peace and for the end of mankind’s self-destructive activities. In Ukraine – and everywhere on our precious planet Earth.


Part 1:

Welcome/Moderation: Günter Knappe
Address to refugee aid in Karlsruhe
Featuring Catherine Devaux
Opening. “Speech for Peace” (Bertold Brecht)
Featuring: Daniela Kreiner, Erik Rastetter.
Ongoing in the program.
“What are wars for?” (Udo Lindenberg)
Featuring: Cynthia Popa, Markus Kapp.
“Tell me where the flowers are”
Text by Eva Strittmatter.
Featuring: Evelyn Knappe, Paul Taube.
“Language of War”
Featuring: Erik Rastetter, Martin Wacker, Michael Postweiler, Stefanie Wally, Paul Taube.
“War Song” (Matthias Claudius)
Contemporary speech (Mascha Kaléko)
Contributing: Roland Brunner
“Singers in Chains” (Udo Jürgens)
Contributing: Markus Kapp
“Lonesome Town” (Ricky Nelson)
“Crazy” (Gnarls Barkley)
“In the Airplane”
Over The Sea (Neutral Milk Hotel)
Featuring: Laura Teiwes, Nico Herzig (Young State Theater)

Part 2

“Dialogue about a war not taking place” (Erik Rastetter)
Contributors: Erik Rastetter, Martin Wacker.
“We weather the storm” (Michael Postweiler)
Featuring: Michael Postweiler, Silvie Fazlija, Patricia Kessler, Markus Kapp, Sabrina D’Andrea.
“Moonlight Night” (Ukrainian folk song)
Featuring: Patricia Kessler, Paul Taube.
Poems by Serhij Zhadan (Cycle “List of Writings”)
Contributing: Hendrik Pape
White Flags (Silver Moon)
Sabrina D’Andrea, Markus Kapp
“Liban – The Hope” (based on: “In the West lies East”)
Featuring: Sven Djurovic
“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” (Eva Cassidy Version)
Featuring: Silvie Fazlija, Michael Postweiler.
“Imagine” (John Lennon)
Featuring: Markus Kapp, Patricia Kessler, Cynthia Popa, Silvie Fazlija, Michael Postweiler.
“Diary of Olha” (Olha Martynyuk, historian, who fled to her boyfriend in Basel at the age of 36)
Featuring: Mimi Schwaiberger

“Imagine” – A Sandkorn Theater production

Editor (text and photos): Michael M. Roth
Date: 4/4/22

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