My wish: Happy Easter to everyone!

While we in Germany wish for a few relaxing, happy days off over Easter, the Ukrainian people are struggling with Russia’s criminal war of aggression.
The video from the news channel ntv testifies to the horrors and destruction of the war.

Aufnahmen zeigen verheerende Zerstörung in Tschernihiw
(Footage shows devastating destruction in Chernihiv)

Among others in the interview: A young Ukrainian woman, she is a lawyer. Julia wishes for peace and an independent Ukraine. For weeks she has been living in a basement with many others. Their hometown, Chernihiv (Чернігів), north of the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv (Київ), was destroyed by Russian bombs. At least before the Russian war of aggression, the city had almost 300,000 inhabitants and is therefore comparable to Karlsruhe in terms of size.

At the same time, the use of tactical (area-limited effective) nuclear weapons is being discussed in Russia.

Russland bereitet Bevölkerung auf Atomwaffeneinsatz vor
(Russia is preparing the population for the use of nuclear weapons)

The majority of the Russian population is open to the use of nuclear weapons. For us free Europeans, it seems surreal how an entire people, at least large parts of this people, can be indoctrinated and morally misguided.

My thoughts are with all Ukrainians, especially today at Easter, when we live in peace and freedom here in Germany and in most European countries.
Слава Україні – Long live Ukraine!
Not in Putinian bondage, but in peace & freedom!

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