Fundraising campaign of class 6c of the Friedrich-Realschule for aid projects to support Ukrainian refugees

At the beginning of the week, Monday, May 30th, 2022, a great fundraising campaign by students from the Friedrich-Realschule in Karlsruhe-Durlach was finalized and a check was handed over. Below is the press release written by Rena Thormann. Many thanks to everyone involved!!

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Karlsruhe, 30.05.2022


Fundraising campaign of class 6c of the Friedrich-Realschule for aid projects
in support of Ukrainian refugees.
Handover of the donations to the LIONS Club Karlsruhe-Baden for Ukraine Support Karlsruhe

R Thorman. The dismay of the class 6c students at the Friedrich-Realschule Karlsruhe-Durlach with their class teacher Ms. Fleig about the outbreak of war in the Ukraine was so great that the class immediately decided to help.

Already with the arrival of the first Ukrainian students in the preparatory class VKL
Class 6c expressed their solidarity with their new classmates in the school community,
by presenting the children with a self-made peace candle in Ukrainian colors.
Since the end of February, class 6c has been collecting donations to help Ukrainian families and children in this difficult situation.

Ms Thormann, class teacher at the VKL, was able to provide support with her network and coordinate the actors in the aid organizations in Karlsruhe with the Friedrich Realschule. The pupils of the 6c and their class teacher Mrs. Fleig were proud today in the presence of Mr. Gehm and the head of the network Ukraine Support Karlsruhe USKA, Mr. Michael M. Roth,
presented a donation of 167.00 € to Manfred Verhaagh, LIONS-Club Karlsruhe-Baden.

Mr Verhaagh explained to the children that the help will definitely get there, because it will
supported many projects in the Ukraine and here in Karlsruhe, including the Karlsruhe ones
Food banks where refugees from Ukraine can get groceries.

The happiest news for the class was that Mr Verhaagh was able to confirm that the
LIONS double the donation and €334.00 are available for groceries.
Likewise, the LIONS Club Karlsruhe-Baden will continue and double the fundraising campaigns for the social aid projects for the Ukraine in cooperation with USKA
currently incoming donations for the Karlsruher Tafel. (see

Class 6c also received recognition and thanks for their commitment from Mr. Michael M.
Roth and Headmaster Gehm, who promised that the fundraising campaign would continue
and also part of the proceeds at the school festival of the Friedrich-Realschule on Friday,
22.07.2022 from 3:00 p.m. will benefit Ukraine Aid. Class 6c made ours
School profile “We – Together – For Each Other” with this commitment every honor.

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