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Festival director Oliver Langewitz: “With our short film program ‘Fighting for Freedom’ we are taking a clear stance against Russia’s brutal war of aggression in Ukraine. We want to give the Ukrainian people a voice through the wonderful and important work of Ukrainian filmmakers, most of whom today have to live in exile themselves. The documentary results of our project ‘Escape! Escape as a creative challenge’, which was created in cooperation with refugee Ukrainian cultural workers.”

The Independent Days – International Film Festival (IDIF) in the Schauburg in Karlsruhe are a well-received annual cultural highlight in the Baden metropolis. Filmboard Karlsruhe and the team of Oliver Langewitz and Nadine Knobloch are responsible.

Films from all over the world are presented every year. Most of them are short films, also called “shorts”. The independent scene is recruited from highly motivated filmmakers and producers from the “low budget” sector. Already months before the actual film week there are hundreds of submissions that have to be sifted through by the busy organization team.

The extended Russian war of aggression on the entire Ukraine beginning on 24 February 2022 has dramatically changed some perspectives in Europe. Not far away from Germany, already “behind” our neighboring country Poland, the (apparently) overpowering Russian autocracy is trying to expel the Ukrainian people and/or to eradicate the Ukrainian culture. As a consequence, this means that democracy and freedom throughout Europe are in danger.

By continuing to believe in the free nations of the world that humanity and justice make sense and are tenable, even and especially in beleaguered Ukraine, we can offer some form of support.

In Karlsruhe there are numerous people and networks, such as the Ukraine Support Karlsruhe (USKA) and – in the first place – the German-Ukrainian Association of Ukrainians in Karlsruhe, who get involved according to their possibilities and thus contribute to the preservation of our free-democratic provide values.

I am very pleased that the festival director of the Independent Days Filmfest, Oliver Langewitz, is making a special contribution to promoting Ukrainian culture by showing Ukrainian films at #IDIF22 in the
Schauburg, Marienstraße 16, 76137 Karlsruhe.

The program for Fighting For Freedom, on Thursday, 4/20/23, 12:30 p.m., can be found here:

The frequently asked question is also answered there – per film – in which language the Ukrainian films are presented. Mostly: Original sound: Ukrainian; Subtitles: English.

The organizers and USKA cordially invite the Ukrainians from Karlsruhe and the region, including those who have just arrived, as well as all interested Karlsruhe residents to this special, Ukrainian-European film afternoon in the Schauburg as part of the Independent Days – International Film Festival 2023!

We are offering a total of 80 free tickets for the Ukrainian film afternoon. First come – first served.

Avoiding “no shows”:
There are so-called “no shows” at almost every event. The people who signed up but then didn’t show up at the event. Our request: If you have reserved a free ticket and are unable to come at short notice, then release your ticket again and send an email to with the subject “Cancellation”. This gives other interested parties the chance to take part in the event free of charge. Thanks very much!

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versus “Ich komme mit Begleitung” = I will join with another person [right]
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Text: Michael M. Roth

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