Day of Independence of Ukraine in Karlsruhe

Just one day after the “Day of the Ukrainian National Flag” was celebrated in the park of Karlsruhe (see: The Ukrainian community in Karlsruhe honors the Day of the National Flag of Ukraine – in German), Ukrainians gathered again in the city on August 24th, 2023, this time in front the town hall on the market square to celebrate the Independence Day of Ukraine (since August 24, 1991) and to draw attention to their concerns. This year the day coincides with the sad anniversary of 1.5 years of Russian war of aggression against the Ukrainian people. It is all the more important for members of that people and supporters of Ukraine to point out Ukrainian independence. This is combined with Ukraine’s own culture and identity, which the ruling regime in Moscow is still trying to eradicate.

On August 24, 2023, there were probably several hundred people who lined the market square and wanted to point out their identity with their flags, speeches and songs. Again some beautiful photos were taken, which I don’t want to withhold from you.

At the end of my contribution, I will refer to an article by the Ukrainians in Karlsruhe, which is both textually and visually rich, in which the perspective of the Ukrainian people is expressed even more strongly. But first, my own humble contribution with a few photos I took. The bottom line: continue to stand by Ukraine until it finally expels the last Russian soldier from its territory! And of course beyond that.


All photos: Michael M. Roth, MicialMedia / USKA (Ukraine Support Karlsruhe)

PS: Please don’t be angry if I couldn’t “catch” all the performers, because I had another appointment after an hour.

As promised and mentioned at the beginning, here is the link to the great contribution of the German-Ukrainian Association of Ukrainians in Karlsruhe on the Day of Independence of Ukraine:


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